almost done …

mystery!, originally uploaded by katie:m.

An evening spent on the couch resulted in quite a bit of progress on my mystery sock — closing in on the toe. Which is good because there are a thousand other things I’d like to get started …

I’ll be heading out to California for the next couple of weeks, so it’ll probably be pretty quiet around here until I’m back in December.

Happy fall knitting!  (Something I will be missing in the desert.)


4 thoughts on “almost done …

  1. Hey, I’ll be in California for a while too! lol. Well, for Thanksgiving and after exams. It’s a really nice place to go when you’re getting sick of being cold…

    Now, you say you want to finish this so you can start on something else: is this the first or second sock? If the first, do you care at all about having a pair, or is it fine without a mate for a while?

    Anyway, enjoy California!

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