it sure doesn’t feel like November

It is really warm here.  Kind of weird coming from a rather frigid New Jersey.
In true vacation mode, I’m sitting in a pleasant coffee shop knitting up some scrumptious yarny goodness:
Just a basic toe-up sock in the loveliest of lovely Sock Hop yarn.  It’s the “Lucky in the Sky” colorway and it is just gorgeous (despite the craptastic Photo Booth photo).  I’ve been waiting a long time to finally catch one of their updates … the wait was totally worth it.  And it’s always nice to support fellow Washingtonians.
I’m also going to working on pairing up some of my single socks on this trip.  Because wildfire season is the time for wool socks, right?

7 thoughts on “it sure doesn’t feel like November

  1. Does that have something to do with being in the desert? It’s snowing here, and two different sets of my loved ones are driving somewhere along motorways this evening, as I listen to radio reports of freezing rain and severe weather warnings. Does that make it seem more wintry? 🙂

  2. Wildfire season is totally the time for socks. I forgot about that too in SoCal. California is the best anyway. Great getaway from winter. That sock yarn looks so cool. Good colors.

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