blogging FAIL

Oh hai.
The internet at my parents’ house is not as reliable as one might wish.  The wintery northwest light makes photos rather impractical.  Arctic Blast 2008 made getting around impossible (leaving me with less yarn than anticipated).
So instead of any new knitting (of which there has been a bit), I give you old knitting: my week of hats.  I don’t have the details with me or in Ravelry (good planning there) but, on a related note, I would like to mention that I totally made the GRE my bitch.  A higher score than the first time around!  I guess, unbeknownst to me, I did learn something in these last 5 years of grad school misery.

hats!, originally uploaded by katie:m.

Top to bottom: Opus Spicatum in some lovely Brown Sheep worsted leftovers, the Maltese Fisherman’s Hat also in Brown Sheep worsted, Turn a Square in Rowan Yorkshire Tweed bulky remnants, and Stella’s Hat in some soft soft soft Malabrigo.
I brought the Opus Spicatum home with me and it has been great in the arctic blast.  Turns out stranding really does make for a toasty topper.
Happy New Year to all — filled with woolly goodness, creativity, and fun.

3 thoughts on “blogging FAIL

  1. All of the hats are beautiful. I especially like the Opus Spicatum, both the colors and design are great.

    Congratulations on the new GRE scores, that’s great!

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