just plain FAIL

Remember this sweater?  Yeah, turns out gauge is important.

sweater blob: now with yoke!, originally uploaded by katie:m.

So I’ll be frogging when I get back home.  But: learning how to weave in while working in fair isle?  Totally changed my life.  I first read about it in Fiona Ellis’ Inspired Fair Isle Knits and followed the tutorial here.
p.s. Thanks to Emmms for the awesome spreading of the love!  I’m honored.

4 thoughts on “just plain FAIL

  1. Oh no! Gauge is a harsh mistress, indeed. Thanks for the tutorial link — how cool is that?

    Happy New Year! May 2009 be filled with wonderful surprises and new adventures. And no more sweater frogging.

  2. Sad lesson about gauge. I hope it doesn’t count for socks though. (I think I’m taunting the knitting gods. Oops.) Happy new year! Hope you have knitting to last you until you get to frogging the sweater.

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