onwards and upwards

knits 2008, originally uploaded by katie:m.

1. eesti trail, 2. hats!, 3. unoriginal hat, 4. pi r boz v.2, 5. pi r boz, 6. stella’s hat, 7. pi shawl (again), 8. shetland triangle, 9. anise, 10. Single Sock Liberation Fraktion, 11. waving lace + embossed leaves, 12. for scale, 13. ucipital mapilary, 14. stornoway, 15. Dolores Park, 16. i’ve got a mini shawl, how are you?, 17. central park!!, 18. seduction socks, 19. mash-up cowl, 20. swallowtail shawl, 21. tea cosy, 22. ballband dishcloths, 23. fireworks socks, 24. beastie, 25. lady marmalade, 26. baby sweater, 27. baby socks, 28. silk garden socks, 29. dolores park, 30. madder ribbed, 31. GSS, 32. shaved Drops 103-1, 33. charades, 34. citrus yoke, 35. DSC02200.JPG, 36. easy toe-up socks

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It’s been a big year: I learned to knit socks, made some wearable sweaters, attempted my first lace shawls (one of which was worn by the bride at her wedding!), wrote up two simple patterns, gave some comfort gifts; I also got over my first heartbreak, moved back to the US after a year in Germany, lost my academic way, and found a new graduate program (with funding!).

I’m hoping 2009 proves just as creative and challenging.  Well, maybe not so challenging.  I’d take restful.


4 thoughts on “onwards and upwards

  1. What a gorgeous and colorful year of knits! Sounds like 2008 was a big year for you in many ways. Congrats on the new grad program, and hurray for funding.

  2. You knit lots of wonderful things in 2008, yay! I wanted to have a look at what I knit but am so disorganized I don’t know how to tell, oops. 😉

  3. I’ve always wondered how people made nice neat year end photo displays (mine’s all higgledy piggldy) Thank you so much for the Flickr link – next year I’ll be neat too! (BTW congrats on a new start stateside and what looks like a great year of knitting in ’08!

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