ikea hack #7249

I don’t own a niddy noddy < covetous sigh > so when I ripped my FAILED cactus blossom sweater, I needed a way to corral the yarn for a good soak.
Enter my ikea coffee table:

ikea hack, originally uploaded by katie:m.
As you can tell from the craptacular photo, this was a bit of a late-night effort.  Hence the completely unnecessary and probably tangle-enducing twist.  The second skein I just looped with no mid-section cross.  It seemed to work and now I have some lovely hanks drying in the bathroom (entering day 2).
I don’t know what I’m going to do with the yarn.  My feeling right now is that to get my gauge and the pattern and the yarn to all come together will take some extra-special effort on my part.  And although pretty, I’m not sure that cactus blossom is worth that kind of effort.  The stash is getting a bit out of control, mostly for want of a good purge.  I’ve found some charities that accept yarn … this just might end up in the box.

4 thoughts on “ikea hack #7249

  1. Inspired coffee table use! Oh, the joys of the stash. I need to do a purge, as I just rearranged my study to include a reading chair instead of some valuable stash storage space. I’m sad to see the storage go, but I’m loving the new chair.

  2. Very smart (and too funny!) about using the table to wind your skein. I went through my stash when I uploaded it to Ravelry – it felt good to get rid of some yarn that I knew I’d never use…

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