spreading the love

A little while ago Emmms kindly awarded me the Spreader of Love blog award.  Which is pretty awesome, considering the loveliness of her own bloggy world.  Thanks Emmms!


So, in turn, I’m spreading the love:

Jodi, of A Caffeinated Yarn (she’s also knitting through grad school)

Jaime, of A Notion to Knit (her pom-pom troubles and nutria love make me laugh)

Anna, of Anna’s Flying Needles (the knitting does seem to fly off her needles)

Lise, of Favorite Fibers (her knitting looks as delicious as her sushi)

Lekkercraft (who I hope will start blogging about life and knitting in NC soon)

Kim, of Yarny Old Kim (she always makes me laugh)

Thanks for spreading the bloggy love!

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