more mismatches; or, I’ve really got to get these single socks under control

These are some relatively antique mismatches that eluded blogging by virtue of having been completed while visiting my sister in California.  Her apartment was very dark.
left to right: Go with the Flow in koigu (p131) and generic toe-up socks in Sock Hop (Lucy in the Sky).
The single socks are starting to weight on my mind.  I’d like to wear some lovely hand-knit socks, especially now as it’s saukalt here in New Jersey.  But the knitting mojo is fickle.  And it is sometimes hard to legislate discipline in one’s hobby.
However, a finished pair did manage to escape blogging: the Eesti Trail Hiking Socks.

eesti trail

These knit up very quickly — no surprise since they call for worsted-weight yarn.  I used some plain old Patons Merino from Michael’s: nothing special, but they do make for a nice, sturdy, and warm pair of socks.  Details in Ravelry.
After the chunky tam disaster, I’m on the hunt for a reasonably slouchy hat that does not look like ass.  Again, I don’t want to blame the pattern — it was just a perfect storm of suck that resulted in that particular object.  I don’t know why I can’t get over it.  I think the reality so blinkered my expectations — I mean, the magazine makes the hat look pretty nice — that I’m still trying to reconcile the two poles.  For now, the chunky tam is living in my closet, making friends with other handknits.  It might remain a monument to shattered hopes or become a baby sweater.  (What is it with my friends and babies these days?!  I’m not complaining, but, geez, is it in the water?)
I’m also working on a new pattern.  Well, pattern is a bit grandiose, but I was trying to work out something in a pair of socks for my sister and it turned out okay, so I wrote it up.  Now: finish the second sock.

6 thoughts on “more mismatches; or, I’ve really got to get these single socks under control

  1. Ooooooh. I really like the hiking socks, but then again, I’m on a colorwork kick. As long as you have two socks to wear on any given day, I figure you’re fine with the mismatched socks. 😉

  2. All of the socks are cute and perfect for different moods! The Go With The Flow socks look really good in that color. I’ve only tried them once but I picked something that was too busy. It’s hard finding something just right. 🙂

  3. Sorry for the double post – but I went to Ravelry to look at the pattern for the hiking socks and I was so suprised that they were the ones in Favorite Socks – yours are so much nicer than the ones in the book!

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