bright idea

To be accurate, this particular bright idea is the product of a whole series of bright ideas:
1) don’t follow the pattern
2) use whatever needle is to hand for the ribbing
3) blithely knit on despite obvious lack of snugness
bright idea, originally uploaded by katie:m.
We’ll see how the fourth in this series of misguided cleverness will work out.  And then I will give you all the juicy hat details.  (Hey, Kim, thanks for the yarn!  Yeah, I’ll blog about the fabulous yarn swap, too.)
Until then, Emmms tagged me for a meme.  It looks familiar, but I have so much to share.
Here are the rules:
Link to the person who tagged you.
Mention the rules.
Tell six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about yourself.
Tag six other bloggers by linking to them.
Go to each person’s blog and leave a comment that let’s them know they’ve been tagged.
I also confuse right and left, so there’s one detail taken.  Here are some more:
1) I suffer from Adult Woman Acne.  It is every bit as awesome as it sounds.  Especially if you like feeling 13 all of the time.  With the added bonus of wondering whether the insurance will cover treatment.
2) I’ve experience love at first sight once: with my cat.  When I went to the shelter (no-kill, thankfully; I couldn’t deal otherwise) she was the first kitty I saw and the first one I petted.  She started purring.  We’ve lived happily ever after since then.  Fun fact: according to the shelter people, she first went home with Mrs. Johnson of Johnson & Johnson (they live around here); but poor Alice was brought back because she didn’t get along with the other cats.  Now she has to slum it with a grad student.  I only kind of believe the story.
3) I really love British detective fiction; I often compose conference paper proposals on “Misunderstanding Psychoanalysis in British Golden Age Detective Fiction” or “Nazi Germany in the British Detective Novel, 1933-45” in my head while reading.
4) Pea pod leaves are my favorite vegetable.
5) I have curly hair.  I try various potions to keep it under control.  They only kind of work.  I’m very worried about the thousands kinds of hell the Nashville humidity is going to wreack on my hair.
6) I had two goals growing up: 1) to own a Ford Pinto and 2) to go to college far away from home.  Having achieved both — a 1972 beige Pinto wagon was my first car and then, a few years later, I went to college on the opposite coast — I’ve yet to come up with any good replacements.  Although owning the Inspector Morse complete collection is definitely in the running.
I’ll be lame about tagging, but let me know if you do the meme!

7 thoughts on “bright idea

  1. Been there, done that (re: the bright ideas)! That color combo is great — totally rocking the complementary colors.

    A 1972 Pinto? Unsafe at any speed? Love it! My dream car is an AWD Volvo station wagon. Or a vintage Kharman Ghia or Volvo 164E.

  2. I discovered last night that my own colorwork hat wasn’t working out either, sadly. I can sympathize. Well, now to find one that does work out. Why is it so hard though…? Geez.

    If I had internet in my apartment I’d do that meme. I miss updating my blog. 😦

  3. Hey, I recognize that yarn. That looks like Selbu Modern. Sorry you had to frog it.
    I continue to get zits even though I am 43. It sucks. My mom finally stopped getting the occasional zit when she was in her 50s. oh joy. I wish I had curly hair.

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