taking my sweet time

According to Ravelry, I finished this hat on January 30, 2009.  So not quite as long ago as I’d imagined.  But still.  You’d have thought I could have gotten a post together a bit sooner.  Oh well.
selbu modern, originally uploaded by katie:m.
It has been worn many times and was the subject of my very first “but-I-thought-you’d-bought-it” compliment.  Very satisfying.  The pattern is great, the colorwork challenging but not impossible, and the Rowan Scottish Tweed 4 ply lovely to work with.  I used US5/3.75mm needles for the body of the hat, mainly because that was the only nearly appropriate size I had in a 16″ circular.  The resulting fabric is a bit loose, but not too bad — mainly because I’m a type-A control-freak tight knitter.
I reknit the band on smaller needles (US3/3.25mm)  after finishing the hat, which turned out to be a nerve-wracking decision.  I thought I’d screwed the whole thing up for a moment, the frogging having gotten away with me, but luckily I managed to get the stitches back on the needles before any lasting damage was done.  It’s a bit wonky, as the reknit ribbing starts in the middle of the round, but I was tired of frogging (more like emotionally exhausted from the stress of almost ripping out the colorwork) and convinced myself it wasn’t that noticeable.  The band fits much more snugly now, although my big head (or big hair) prevents a really slouchy fit.


A word about the yarn.  It was the result of a swap with the inimitable Kim from way back in December (I think), originally intended for a copycat version of her Joni hat.  Then I was bitten by the selbu bug.  And, apparently also the non-blogging bug.  The yardage was almost perfect: plenty of purple (cc) but a bit short on the green (mc); luckily, Yarnzilla was able to provide another skein in a close-enough dyelot (they didn’t have the same dyelot in stock anymore, but they were super nice about checking and letting me know!) to finish off the crown.  Thanks for the awesome yarn, Kim!  And for the nifty sheepy tape measure, which makes measuring so much more fun.
All the details on Raverly.
I’ve got tons of small finished stuff to show off, so I’d better get busy.  More to come soon.

7 thoughts on “taking my sweet time

  1. Looks really great! I’m glad that reknitting the band worked out so well, and it DOES look like something you could buy in the store… but so much better since it is handmade 🙂

  2. Beautiful!!! Happy to swap yarn with you anytime. Selbu is on my short list and I even have the yarn wound for it. I’m glad you showed the inside of the hat. I love seeing that part of colorwork. So neat-o.

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