I give up.
I’m going to embrace my lameness and admit that I’m never going to get around to posting thoughtful, witty, and charming missives about my most recent finished knits.  So, instead, I give you a completely lame mosaic:

1. fangirl, 2. fangirl, 3. moebius, 4. marian, 5. embossed leaves, 6. shello hat, 7. bsj no. 1, 8. bsj no. 1, 9. bsj no. 1

1. + 2. fangirl because it’s copied from a picture I saw in a magazine.  knit in Berroco Ultra Alpaca, brown and charcoal on size US5/3.75mm circs.  the fisherman’s rib was pretty awesome, though the finished hat isn’t as warm as one might imagine.  based on the stitch pattern found in this hat but with different number of stitches and different crown shaping.

3. a moebius scarf, following the directions in Cat Bordhi’s A Treasury of Magical Knitting; the yarn is some reclaimed Noro Iro (unknown color) from the earliest days of my knitting career.  purl rows added for a bit of interest.

4. more reclaimed yarn, this time some Blue Sky Alpacas bulky hand dyes in aqua.  quick and easy and, according to some friends, very chic.  obviously a happy accident.

5. the second embossed leaves sock is done!  slowly but surely my single socks are being paired up for nuclear-family bliss.

6. EZ’s shell hat, as featured in the winter ’09 VK.  used some left over Rowan Big Wool fusion (color: source).

7. 8. 9. a baby surprise jacket in Cotton Ease (stone and maize).  very fun project.  it turned out a big large due to poor needle sizing (US9/5.5mm).  still needs to be seamed up and buttons added.

And there you have it.  Even hobbies are subject to procrastinatory inclination.


8 thoughts on “lame.

  1. Holy cow, you’ve been busy knitting up a storm! I love the BSJ in particular — very sophisticated color combo.

    My single socks need mates, too…

  2. Stop beating yourself, these are wonderful projects and you are obviously knitting up a storm! What’s lame about that? I love the stripe combo in the BSJ, by the way – very contemporary slant to a classic sweater!

  3. See, I blog instead of knit. Apparently you knit instead of blog. It isn’t a bad thing, so long as you come back to the blogging every once in a while. 😉

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