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Sometimes it’s really driven home just how much I love the rainbow colors.  I submit: my latest two projects and a $3.99 fleece blanket I bought at the grocery store.  Knitting away on the second Gentleman’s Plain Winter Sock, I was suddenly struck by the startling similarity of the Trekking xxl (100) to my favorite grocery store blanket.  Only to be hit with the same lightning bolt of insight the next night, as I finished up a second Dolores Park cowl in some sparkly, suspiciously rainbow-esque handspun (“study hall” by cloudlover on
As a rather retiring person in real life, I find this attraction to the brightest of brite colors, in my knitting life, a bit odd.  Just an expression of my inner flashy, I guess.

3 thoughts on “predictable

  1. Those colors are beautiful! I’ve only used Trekking once for myself but those socks are so comfortable and enduring.

    It’s funny, I’m much like you describe yourself but love the bright colors with my handknits and a few pieces of clothing here and there.

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