darn rabbit hole

I keep finding new ones. And then falling down them. That makes it seem much more intentional than it is, though. I usually only notice when I attempt to grope my way out.
masonic lodge socks, originally uploaded by katie:m.

Why are they never useful, productive holes?  I am no forrader than a handful of nerdy put downs.

Nonetheless, I have a snazzy pair of masonic lodge socks in some brite Trekking.  They fit well, keep my feet warm, and are very very very orange.  Now that almost all of my lonely-heart socks have mates, I’m going to have to investigate the year of socks offerings more closely.


6 thoughts on “darn rabbit hole

  1. That year of socks link is gefährlich.

    I’m not sure why “gefährlich” is the first word that popped into my head. But you get what I mean, right?

  2. My whole family is part of at least one Masonic fraternity and so this particular pair of socks brought an instant smile to my face and the NEED to make them for my father! Thank you for sharing them!

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