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According to Ravelry, I finished these socks 11 days ago.  Bad blogger.
go with the flow, originally uploaded by katie:m.
pattern: go with the flow
yarn: Koigu KPPPM p131 (?), 2 skeins
needles: US2/2.75mm circs
mods: funky toe because I was not paying attention
They are the latest in my series of paired-off single socks; indeed, my endeavors in sock match-making have been so successful that only one lonely heart remains (here).  And it might stay that way for a while.  Although I like the finished sock, the cabling is a bit of a pain.  Not at all conducive to knitting while watching my stories.

go with the flow

Which brings me to my next point: novelty songs.  In this respect, I’ll just have to admit that I’m stuck in pimply adolescence.  I wish my taste in comedy were a bit more raffiné; though witty banter and the well turned put down are always highly enjoyable, there is something about the manifest silliness of the novelty song that gets me every time.
Exhibit A: “I like Trucking” from Not the Nine O’Clock News (1980) via

Sophisticated?  No.  Feminist?  Decidedly not.  Offensive?  Could be.  But I find it funny beyond all proportion to its merits (or lack thereof) — something about the disco beat, inane lyrics, and spectacle of Rowan Atkinson trucking makes it irresistible.  Don’t even get me started on “Rock Me Sexy Jesus.”

Next time: more socks, fewer novelty songs.


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  1. Love thoses socks. Way to go pairing up your singles. Damn corporate security won’t let me watch those fab videos. I heart Rowan Atkinson. And the idea of a song called Rock Me Sexy Jesus is a dream come true!

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