Back during the 2005/06 academic year, when I was teaching the beginning German sequence, a weekly journal-writing exercise was inflicted on the students.  Well, really, on both sides of the equation, as the instructors had to read and comment on the usually less-than-coherent insights.  In German, of course.  Come March, I suddenly began to receive opaque (well, opaque-r) entries extolling the virtues of something called Federbruch.  Mystified, I did a little dictionary work.  Right.  Feder = spring (as in the coil) + Bruch = break (as in broken).  This compound seemed to sum up the haphazard imcomprehension, yet surprisingly logical wrong-headedness, that characterized many of my students’ approach to language learning.
Well, it’s Federbruch again around these parts.  And what do I have to show for myself?  Just another bandwagon blithely jumped upon:
The newly ubiquitous Ishbel, size large.  So far, it is flying off the needles, although as I approach the last chart and the stitch count increases, the progress is slowing noticeably.  Still the few remaining days of the Bruch should allow enough free time to finish it off.  Besides, how else could one spend a rainy Thursday?  Certainly not working …

5 thoughts on “Federbruch

  1. Federbruch?! I think that was one of the first words we made sure to learn correctly in my early German classes… LOL. My Ferien isn’t until April. For Easter. But then I get two weeks.

    Working over den Bruch… that’s, like, blasphemy. Keep knitting!

  2. Federbruch?!? I love it! What a concept. Ah, the joy of teaching foreign languages. I’m about to read my students’ translations of Prospero’s final speech from the Tempest into Latin.

    Your Ishbel’s looking great. Mine’s all done except for blocking, thanks to a Raveler who helped me out with 15 more yards of yarn to finish binding off. When will I ever learn…

  3. I really could use a Federbruch! Ishbel is beautiful – I’m so tempted to start one, except I think the shawl I’m doing is similar – and that maybe I should finish that!

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