Federbruch : finished

Although my spring break did not turn out to be the wildly productive fiesta of literary insight I had hoped for, it did produce a lovely (and large) Ishbel.

The knitting is very straightforward, which did not stop me from starting over twice.  Once due to gauge issues: US9/5.5mm needles seemed to produce a too dense fabric and I worried that the result would be too small (hah!); once due to a missed yarn over mishap.  Minor errors and tension problems sorted, though, it was smooth sailing.  Although the long rows towards the end were daunting, the pattern itself couldn’t have been simpler or more enjoyable to knit.

I managed to bind off with mere yards to go:

I opted for the large size on size US10/6.0mm needles, which when coupled with almost exactly two skeins sock yarn (Noro Silk Garden), produced a nice airy fabric and a huge shawl.  Just how huge?  About 80″ across the top and 27″ deep.  The stockinette portion seemed quite modest, but as soon as the lace charts kicked in the dimensions were majestic.

By the time it was blocked, I was afraid I might have just made a shawl that was much too large to actually be worn.  Despite certain misgivings — for instance, that someone might think my chest had been the vicitim of a wool explosion or that I suffered from knitwear elephantitis — I wrapped it round (and round) and wore it anyway.  Now I quite like the giagantic beast.  It’s kind of a lace version of a Doctor Who scarf.  I’m working on another one in green.


6 thoughts on “Federbruch : finished

  1. Hehe, a giagantic beast. Your first picture looks soooo pretty. Almost makes me want to knit lace. Except I don’t knit enough for that — your week project would take me months.

    Also, spring break is spring BREAK. It’s not supposed to be productive.

  2. Love it! We’re totally on the same knitting wavelength right now. I just finished a feather and fan shawl in that exact shade of Silk Garden yesterday, and I cast on for another Ishbel last night. I love the idea of an enormous Ishbel — warm and cozy.

    My spring break isn’t very productive so far, either, except on the theatre/shopping/traveling/knitting/museum-visiting fronts. 🙂

  3. A soft and lovely gigantic beast! I have the same color Noro but in Silk Garden. Your Ishbel is giving me some ideas.

  4. Wow… That is a gorgeous shawl. I’m now considering to knit one too. And I love that Noro yarn – in that same color 🙂

  5. I have 2 skeins of that yarn in the same colorway too. I’m on my 2nd Ishbel right now and after seein yours I’m thinking of making a little larger one with my 2 skeins. You seem to think yours ended up a little too large though. What do you think of doing the large stockinette portion and the smaller lace, or maybe between small and large lace? Or should i just go down a couple of needle sizes and do the large?

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