a quick one, while he’s away

Because I should be getting back to work.
Before I do, here’s another finished Ishbel:
This time, I used some super duper indieknits 100% superwash merino in spring river with some leftover Araucania Ranco Multy (color 312) to finish off.  The indieknits yarn is so soft and so very very green.  I’m not sure adding the power pink was really the way to go, as it now feels a bit like I’m wearing a geranium.

ishbel v.2

In terms of size, this iteration is much more modest: definitely scarf-like, if not downright diminuitive when compared to the first wooly behemoth.  (More precisely, this version is approx. 65″ across the top and 19″ deep at the center.  I blocked it quite aggressively to even out some sloppy stitches in the stockinette portion.)  A perfect use for fingering-weight yarns that demand a life above the feet.

I’m already planning number three.  Why is this pattern so addictive?


10 thoughts on “a quick one, while he’s away

  1. Holy cow, you’re fast! It looks great. I like the idea of wearing a geranium, by the way. I’m still chugging along on the stockinette portion of Ishbel numero dos.

  2. Really gorgeous! I like the touch of shock that the pink adds to this Ishbel, though it definitely gives it a different feel from before. Do you wear these as scarves or shawls?

    Oh and I think the pink Ranco might be the same one I used for the Simple Yet Effective Shawl as a Christmas gift. Very similar anyway, but your photos look much more vibrant!

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