Seriously.  This was a case of spontaneous necklace self-destruction.  Unless the cat sat on it.
I obviously cursed the necklace by praising its numerous charms: relatively cheap, relatively easy, relatively quick.  Now it is absolutely broken.  In a way that I don’t think can be fixed, as I don’t want to involve super glue in a birthday present.
Besides, if it manages this just sitting on a table, how will it survive being mailed to Switzerland?
* That is, of course, in the voice of a decidedly miffed Gob Bluth.

5 thoughts on “c’mon*

  1. Boo. The necklace is still gorgeous. Maybe you could snip one end of the wire and slide another bead on (if you still have some like the broken one) and then do a wire wrap to connect the wire back. With it only being at one end, something like that might not be noticeable.

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