it’s only Tuesday …

… and it’s already been a long week.
I’m doing battle with my writing.  It’s not pretty.  But I ordered a new book on procrastination that I think might help.
Until I have more time to devote to knitting and blogging, here’s my latest hybrid shawl:

It’s plain old stockinette, with the usual triangular shawl cast on and increases, plus five (?) repeats of the medallion lace pattern followed by the edging from Evelyn A. Clark’s Knitting Lace Triangles.  (A very good book for mix-and-match fun.)

I used up every last bit of two skeins of Rowan kidsilk haze in dewberry (600), the free gift with my very first Rowan subscription.  Which makes it about three years old: one of the oldest yarns in my stash.

Having failed to read the instructions closely enough, I forgot to set up the edging and had to do an extra repeat of the medallion pattern to make the transition work.  And thus ran out of yarn.  I bound off with some leftover kidsilk in candy girl (606) to avoid all of that tinking.  Done out of necessity, it looks quite nice, I think.  It reminds me of my elementary school purple-and-pink phase.

Unfortunately, the weather is no longer shawl-friendly, so this one has not yet been out of the house.  Maybe next week?


3 thoughts on “it’s only Tuesday …

  1. Is reading the book on procrastination a form of procrastination? Believe me, I can relate from my days doing a research/writing fellowship. I am a bad procrastinator.
    I think the hot pink edging absolutely makes the shawl. It’s beautiful!

  2. hmph. I would never have known that you ran out of yarn if you hadn’t said. I thought you changed colors in order to get that eye-catching effect. I like it. In fact, it ought to be the rule of thumb for pointy borders–it highlights the points.

  3. At least you didn’t procrastinate about buying the book 🙂

    Love the shawl – and I really like the pink edging – very very pretty!

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