really hip knits?

Two knots in one skein?  Gob Bluth says: “C’mon!
That said, the silk yarn is lovely and knitting up nicely.  As a springtime bandit.  I’ll detail my battle with the caprice of  hand-painted yarn when I have a bit more time.  Deadlines are coming up and things are busy, busy, busy here at chez furball.
Mission before moving: to see “9 to 5: The Musical.”  Years in the suburbs have to be rewarded somehow.

2 thoughts on “really hip knits?

  1. The Beaverslide I’m using for my cable cardi has TONS of knots. So frustrating.

    Lovely shades of neutral silk goodness…

    I’m ready for a break — it has been “go, go, go” around here lately, too.

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