listen all y’all …

… it’s not sabotage.  (And, anyway, I’m listening to The Kinks.)
But still: this Jitterbug stuff is pretty nice, though a bit of a distraction from the reading and the typing and the quotations and the citations.

I have been ignoring this shawl lately.  Not in favor of a shiny new project — I’m still on the prowl for something to blow my mind in that department — but just on account of pure sloth.  It’s reached the very-long-row stage and after lavishing attention on it during a car trip to Walla Walla, Washington (yes, it’s real), I was kind of ready for a break.  Luckily, the siren song of Vincent’s Apron lured me back to the fold.

Unfortunately, the way things are shaping up, I’m afraid I’ll have an awkward amount left over.  Oh well, a small price to pay.

p.s. The weather is lovely here, but I miss my blue table.  And my kitty.