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So, I’m back at home.  Trying to write. Writing.  Catching up on some sleep and relaxation.  And I don’t know why I’m compelled to write about being at home, but I am.

hybridity v.3

You see, I spent my high school years plotting my escape.  Our guidance counselor told us not to worry about college: it was too expensive, took too long, and didn’t prepare you for any kind of job we could get.  I went anyway.  So did most of my friends.  Because the only thing to do in town was leave.

Although not surprised, I was saddened to find out that my high school has the highest per capita drop-out rate in the state of Washington.  We’re a pretty small town with two relatively small high schools.  My alma mater is one of the 22 drop-out “factories” in the state.  40% of freshmen don’t graduate.  This is not good.

I shouldn’t be lucky to have gotten out.  But I am.  And that is what I can never communicate to the majority of my students in the Ivy League.  It makes me sad.  That’s all.


dear miss alice …

snoozing, originally uploaded by katie:m.

Just a little cat blogging to get through the evening.

More shawl progress to share, but no picture. So some sweet Alice in Konstanz instead. How I miss my kitty and our happy, sunny apartment on the top floor.