hybridity v.3

pattern: Springtime Bandit hybrid (one leaf repeat + edge chart)
yarn: Colinette Jitterbug in Vincent’s Apron (approx. 1.25 skeins/400 yards)
needles: US8/5.00mm circs
size: 54″ wingspan, 23″ deep at center
started: May 11, 2009
finished: June 6, 2009
As you might infer from the yardage, this turned out kind of small.  So I blocked the bejeezus out of it … and, let me tell you, that Jitterbug really grows.  I don’t have blocking wires (yet) so I pinned out shallow scallops.  It’s soft and lovely.  And very, very yellow.

hybridity v.3

So yellow, it’s even bright on a grey northwest day.


9 thoughts on “hybridity v.3

  1. So lovely. I even tried to find this colorway on the interwebs…what a perfect marigoldy-yellow!

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