As much as I love the kid silk haze, it’s not all that easy to knit.  Lots of mohair fluff wrapped around a tiny lace-weight silk thread … in short: a disaster waiting to happen if the knitter is less than attentive.  Unfortunately, that pretty much describes my state of mind lately when it comes to knitting.  I want relaxation, not further demands on my already weak system.
Enter my lovely local 85/15, a very manageable two-ply with a bit of heft and body.  Not to mention a lovely fuzzy halo, courtesy of the angora.  Right now I’m just enjoying the knitting … I don’t know what exactly this will turn into.  A shawl, certainly; a seraphim shawl, possibly.  I only have half the required yardage, but I love the idea of eyelets gaining momentum and transitioning into the main lace border.  Perhaps my brain could handle some basic modfications.
Until then, stockinette is just right.
p.s. The first comment on this post will be number 500!  Pretty crazy, huh?  I can’t handle putting together a celebratory contest thingummy at the moment.  Maybe, instead, we’ll have a “wow, I live in Nashville now” type random drawing featuring Dolly Parton or something.  Thanks for reading!