this always happens

I think of my best answers much too late.  Only not, since it’s my blog.
But seriously, “favorite movies” and I forget all about my major old Hollywood crushes?!
I can only beg a writing-induced weakness of the mental facilities.
His Girl Friday is awesome.  So awesome, in fact, I want to be Hildy Johnson when I grow up.  You know, if that whole Hausfrau thing doesn’t work out.  (And I don’t think it will.  I do not appreciate the potential of the common-or-garden toothbrush to function as the superlative household cleaning instrument.  But I love cake.)
Bringing up Baby: also awesome.
Holiday: ditto.
The Third Man: see above.
And just for fun, here [opens youtube link: beware] is how I’d like to be spending my day, courtesy of a very and comically drunk Orson Welles.