I really need to take some pictures.

Until I do, this is all I have: some Trekking 6-fach, destined for a pair of Gentleman’s Fancy Socks.  These are a gift, and though I don’t know the gentleman in question very well, I hope he’s not too fancy for some quick-and-easy socks.  But when is Nancy Bush ever not the answer?
Actually, in the spirit of full disclosure, the socks are already underway.  Okay, the first one is almsot done.  Again: I need to take some pictures.
I can only plead a busy week:  There was working.  Then, on Wednesday I turned 29, which not only occassioned a much-desired morning off, but also a feeling of bemusement that I’ve made it so far with so little idea of the plot.  On Thursday I submitted paper number two, which means I think I’m done.  I would like to be more positive about this, but am afraid of tempting fate.  I do not need more fate in my life.  So for now, cautious optimism is as far as I’ll go.  On Friday, I drank beer and listened to ABBA.  It was lovely.  Now, it’s full-scale Tennessee relocation planning.
See?  Very hard to fit in photos.  I’ll get on that in the coming week, as I have some lovely wooly things to show.