I bound this shawl off the same evening I finished my last paper.  It was quite a day for finished projects.
This a pretty straightforward project: stockinette until I got bored; a simple eyelet and garter-ridge pattern repeated a few times until I started to run out of yarn; a garter-stitch border to keep the edges flat.  Easy-peasy.  And fully of soft bunnies!
The only little bit of cleverness is the mirrored decreases in the eyelet portions: right-leaning to the center stitch, left-leaning to the edge.  A silly detail hardly noticeable.
Unfortunately — or perhaps fortunately — it’s been much too warm here in the Northwest to get any actual wear out of this shawl, as the wool/angora blend promises to be quite toasty and soft.
ETA: I kinda fell down on the details.  So here’s the dirt:
pattern: my own, but it’s just stockinette and some eyelet rows
yarn: Cindy’s Treasures 85/15 wool + angora, 2 skeins (each 212 yds.)
needles: US8/5.00mm
size: wingspan = 54″, center depth = 26″
started: June 11, 2009
finished: June 26, 2009
All the details + more pictures here, of course.

9 thoughts on “finished!

  1. it is cool here in the northeast, and i would be very happy to have something like that to wrap myself in this evening so that i can leave all the windows open and let the summer air in. just lovely. how big did it turn out being?

  2. Oh, it looks so cosy! I love angora blends. Easy triangle shawls are great for knitting while reading (or staring at the computer screen).

    It has finally cooled down here, and I have opened up my windows and can work on my knitting without sitting directly under the a/c vent.

  3. I love the fluffy nature of this shawl. And the simple color reminds me of something from the pioneer days (that’s a good thing). It’s very pretty!

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