in which I again confuse aran and 4-ply wool

Why I cannot keep aran in its proper place on the wool-weight spectrum will perhaps remain a mystery for the ages.

It has something to do, I think, with the fact that, in my mind, I associate “aran” with a traditional  sweater, one of those knit on tiny needles using tiny wool for burly fisherman who might be swept out to sea and a watery grave and thus have their initials knit into the fabric.  You know, Kleider machen Leute taken to its logical extreme.  And which wikipedia says isn’t even true.
Anyway, I didn’t want a fisherman’s sweater — traditional, for identification (apocryphal), or otherwise — but a lovely shawl: namely, Aestlight.  Inspired by coughcopiedfromcough two test-kint versions already finished, I started troweling for tweedy wool.

And that’s where I made my mistake.  My head was turned by the superior yardage of the Rowan Scottish Tweed Aran and without thinking, I placed my order.  Only to be confronted a few days later with some very chunky wool.  Which is now becoming a very chunky shawl.


I am resigned and stoic about my fate.  In the end, and come winter,* I think the shawl will serve its chunky purpose.  I’ve also ordered some 4-ply wool, just in case.

* There is winter in Nashville, right?  I’m betting a lot on this season actually existing.


4 thoughts on “in which I again confuse aran and 4-ply wool

  1. 4-ply is the equivalent of DK weight? You are not alone in confusion over yarn weights and the different names for each one. Love the blue & orange together.

  2. That blue is a lovely, comforting color and just looks like it *should* be warm. You know, even if it was thin yarn, the color just feels cozy.

    And yep, they do get a winter. Last winter, my friend L sent me photos a few times with snow and/or ice. -Aside from last year, we don’t seem to get much of that do we? Unless you’re in a higher elevation I guess but I’m not. 🙂

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