the return of the blue table

I must say, though it was nice to be home — not to mention the only way I was going to get my work finished up — I did miss my blue table.  And my main kitty, too.  (Not pictured.  She went to the vet this morning and is not feeling photogenic.)
The first of the Gentleman’s Fancy Socks is finished.  And has been for a while, truth be told.  The 6-ply Trekking knits up nice and sturdy, as a 6-ply should; the colors lend the sensible sturdiness a bit of excitement.  Since I didn’t have the pattern with me when I cast on, I modified the leg for simplicity: 64 stitches, no decreasing, 6 pattern repeats before turning the heel.  Seems to work so far, though I’ve yet to cast on for number two.  Sigh.
Until I get more knitting photographed (on the blue table!), there isn’t much to talk about.  But again, meme to the rescue!  Jaime tagged me for this musical one.  Quite easy and I only cheated a little bit, but only when a song came up that I didn’t recognize at all.  That didn’t seem fair — if I can’t even remember it, it obviously doesn’t get a lot of play.
The rules: Turn on your MP3 player. Go to SHUFFLE songs mode. Write down the first 15 songs that come up–song title and artist–NO editing/cheating, please. Choose some people to be tagged.
1. Whole Lotta Yoko, Yoko Ono and Ivry Gitlis with The Dirty Mac {The Rolling Stones’ Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus}
2. A Handful of Stars, Stan Getz {Stan Getz and the Cool Sounds}
3. Spinning Around, Kylie Minogue {Light Years}
4. Passenger Seat, Death Cab for Cutie {Transatlanticism}
5. Sorrow, David Bowie {The Singles Collection}
6. Uncle Son, The Kinks {Muswell Hillbillies}
7. Money, Money, Money, ABBA {Gold}
8. When the Battle is Over, Aretha Franklin {Soul Queen}
9. Stupid Girl, The Rolling Stones {Aftermath [US]}
10. Brown to Blue, Elvis Costello & the Attractions {Almost Blue}
11. Heavy Weather, Jarvis Cocker {Jarvis}
12. Bernice Bobs Her Hair, The Divine Comedy {Rarities}
13. Lachlom, Yael Naïm {Yael Naïm}
14. What’s Ya Take on Cassavettes, Le Tigre {Le Tigre}
15. This Guy’s In Love with You, Burt Bacharach {The Best of Burt Bacharach}

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