in progress.

girasole, originally uploaded by katie:m.
I’ve used the title before, but it’s a good one: short and to the point.  Indeed, this shawl is very much an on-going endeavor.
After visiting a friend over the weekend — a trip which provided not only a welcome change of scenery, but also much knitting time on the train — it has grown considerably.  With a hefty 320 stitches on the needles, we’ve entered the unsightly and unwieldy blob phase.
At the moment, chart D seems interminable.  But I know that it will be nothing as compared to the final knit-on edging.

5 thoughts on “in progress.

  1. Ooh, it’s already so pretty! The natural color is such a perfect choice for this pattern. Girasole has been in my queue so long it seems I’ll never get to it. 🙂

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