Noun: Worry; anxiety.
Transitive verb: To worry; to annoy.
That pretty much covers it.
In an attempt to get around all of the worriting going on here, I made some muffins.  Hearty breakfast muffins with whole-wheat flour, muesli, honey, dried fruit, and fresh blueberries.  My oven is wonky (i.e. broken) and they are a bit under-done, but still delicious, if I do say so myself.
My other big project?  Finishing the fancy socks for a gentleman not of my aquaintance:

fancy socks

I know the gentleman and his fair companion, who is of my acquaintance (hence the socks in the first place), like hiking or walking or similar, so I hope these will come in handy.

But it finally occured to me that with all of the moving action that will be taking place in the coming weeks, I really need to get these finished.  I turned the heel yesterday and carried on down the foot.  Today I hope to keep going and graft the toe, so that these can be dropped off on one last trip into campus on Monday.

It would be a farewell lap, but the place gives me hives.  So it will just be a very quick and purpose-oriented visit.


4 thoughts on “worrit

  1. yum, yum, yum. i love hearty muffins! (i also love how those socks are looking — this pattern has been queued over here for-eva.)

    and worrit not; the source of your allergies will soon be far, far away!

  2. I love that plate! And the dried fruit and blueberries look *so* good bursting out of the muffin. I was just wondering today .. if I might be able to put some blueberries that are ‘on the edge’ into muffins or something. They are on the edge as far as eating raw, but still good if that makes any sense. 😉

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