armes Hühnchen

Yeah, well, I am feeling like a bit of a lame duck.  Or a poor chicken, as the Germans would have it.
Basically, I can’t seem to get my camera to take non-crappy photos.  They’re always kind of dark, kind of blurry, kind of lame.  So I don’t post.  And now I have a big backlog of finished and failed to share.  And no decent photos.
(Which really isn’t a surprise.  You should see our family Christmas photos: just short of headless wonders, one and all.)
Please bear with me.
I did, however, finish and deliver the fancy socks.

fancy socks

Nothing too complicated, just a modified (read: dumbed-down from memory) version of the Gentleman’s Fancy Socks by Nancy Bush.  All the details here.

They are very sturdy.  I hope they fit, as I did not have a gentleman — fancy or otherwise — handy for fitting purposes.  But despite this question mark (minus the Mysterians), which was not, of course, the fault of the pattern in any way, they were a good, straightforward, no-nonsense kind of knit.  Perfect for a gift.


5 thoughts on “armes Hühnchen

  1. Funny, I just saw these images on Flickr and was thinking how good the photography looks. The blue table and the colors in these socks. Well, just wonderful!

  2. The colors are great! They add so much interest to a pair of men’s socks and are still masculine. I want to do that pattern sometime, too.

    I think the photos look good, too. I always like the blue table, it makes everything look so artsy.

  3. Very nice!! The gentleman comment (fancy or otherwise) made me laugh out loud and think about poor Georgie from the Lucia books. I think he’d love being a male sock model.

    My 2 cents on the photo issue… just take the photos and post them, crappy or otherwise. Your knitting is always beautiful, and the knitting is really the star.

    That said, perhaps a photography class would be fun? I could sure use one. And a new camera… but my Portland vacation just f-ed the budget for such luxuries.

  4. I agree with Jodi – just post the pictures and don’t worry about it – your pictures are always beautiful.

    Great socks – love the colorway!

  5. These socks are great! They have me excited for fall. And Ifully support the comments above: post your crappy shots! It’s the work we’re most excited about, not the display. No judgements here!

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