go figure.

aestlight, originally uploaded by katie:m.

Aestlight is finished. And has been for a while. It’s a lovely, light, and rather colorful, shawl that deserves its own post.

Until then, I will leave you to ponder: how does one accumulate seven size US9/5.5mm circs? In various materials? When one only very rarely knits with this size?

(I can think of one project in recent memory.)

As you might guess, I went through my knitting needles in preparation for the great migration. It’s all about manifest destiny around here this week. I’ll be back in August, probably lost in Nashville somewhere. Crap photos and all.

p.s. Thanks for all of the nice comments re: photos. I’ve officially stopped worrying about it.


5 thoughts on “go figure.

  1. Pretty shawl – I really love that you used different colors – so different.

    I know what you mean about needles – I just went through some of mine – I have a million of one size…and then nothing of another.

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