We made it! My mom, my cat, and I pulled into town on Monday, picked up the keys, and got the air conditioning going.  And though I don’t know my way around town and get lost every time I set foot on campus, I have found a local yarn store.  So that’s handy.
Right now, we’re just waiting for the furniture to arrive.  Last we heard, it was in South Carolina.  Close, but not close enough.
It’s not a big deal: at the moment, I’m having a passionate affair with Kate Gagnon Osborn’s designs.  A couple of days ago I finished up another Springtime Bandit in some lovely Sundara yarn that has been in the stash for ages.  It just needs to block.  And now I’m involved in a daliance with the Silk Kerchief (when not having my head turned by street maps).  The Kerchief got off to a rocky start, as I managed (somehow?!) to buy the wrong yarn: regular Silk Garden in shade 245 does not do the trick when paired with sock-weight naturals.  It took me a rather long time to figure out this mistake.
That’s it for now.  Nashville seems like an awesome place and I can’t wait to get to know the city.  And, you know, go to school.

8 thoughts on “nashville

  1. I was only in Nashville for a day a couple of years ago but it DOES seem like a great place. I love the giant map of TN in the park next to the state capitol building.

  2. yay! so nice to feel loved :). I have dreams of re-knitting the silk kerchief in worsted weight Silk Garden… day…

    good luck in Nashville!

  3. yay that you’re there! hope the furniture joins you soon. (love that silk kerchief — i’ve been toying with the idea of making one with some silk handspun, so i’m happy to see such lovely pictures of yours!)

  4. Hi, I visited Nashville many many moons ago and thought it was a lovely city. You can’t go wrong with the Grand Ol’ Opry. Good luck getting settled and starting up school. The knitting looks nice…stripes!

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