Main Entry: tan·za·nite
Pronunciation: \ˈtan-zə-ˌnīt\
Function: noun
Etymology: Tanzania, Africa
Date: 1968: a mineral that is a deep blue variety of zoisite* and is used as a gemstone
tanzanite, originally uploaded by katie:m.
This lovely yarn arrived in my mailbox yesterday — the perfect antidote to a tiring day of seminar and research work.  Every time I consider cancelling my Booty Club subscription — the expense, the mounting yarn storage concerns, etc. — she sends in a skein that I can’t resist.  And as a result I convince myself that the pleasure of receiving (surprise!) yarn each month is worth the money.
I don’t know yet what I’m going to do with this.  Milkweed, maybe?  There are so many shawls I want to knit — and thanks to the chilly office problem I now have a reason to wear them all — but when?  The eternal question.
* an orthorhombic mineral that consists of a basic silicate of calcium and aluminum and is related to epidote (because that clears it up nicely)