i was almost defeated by this yarn.

ranco multy 301, originally uploaded by katie:m.
I think I have mentioned before that Araucania insists on tying their skeins in such a manner as to completely and utterly defeat my every attempt to wind them 1) into a single corresponding yarn cake or 2) in a timely manner.  These skeins were almost my undoing.
Which is too bad, considering it’s gorgeous souvenir yarn from my sister.  Okay, yarn she bought for me on a trip to Arizona — of which I was not part — but still.  It’s a souvenir for someone.
After much wrestling, cursing, some ill-advised snipping, and perhaps even a display approaching a tantrum, I managed to wind the stuff into four yarn cakes: two mini mutant cakes and two more reguarly sized giants.


But all is well that ends in the well.

Since this yarn (Ranco Multy) is so very variegated, I went with the simplest pattern: Mara.  The Barefoot Rooster finished a lovely version that first brought the pattern to my attention.  The garter stitch is perfect relaxation knitting; and though the wool I’m using is fingering-weight, I hope I can get a good sized shawl out of it.  After all, I did manage to wind two skeins: approx. 750 yards.  And large shawls are in demand lately: the office I squat (approved but unofficial) is kept at a chilly 60 degrees, for reasons best known to those in authority.

Alright, the coffee is almost finished and it’s time to get reacquainted with some Freud.  Saturday was a free day, after my very first Nashville concert on Friday night, but today it’s back to work.

alice in action

And Alice runs a pretty tight ship.


6 thoughts on “i was almost defeated by this yarn.

  1. Congrats on winning the yarny battle. I like how it’s knitting up so far.

    I have a cat too or should I say that I’m under her command so I know how it goes.

  2. It’s going to be lovely and colorful! Great pattern to use with variegated yarn.

    60 degrees in your office? Brrr… good thing you’re a knitter.

  3. The colors in the yarn are beautiful! I know what you mean about winding the Araucania, it’s always an ordeal.
    I bet you’ll have a lot of fun with concerts there. My friend L has gone to so many more since moving there than when she was here.

    I love the picture of Alice, as always! 🙂

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