boring shawl progress

boring shawl progress, originally uploaded by katie:m.

Or, really. lack thereof. This photo is a couple of days old. No new progress to report.

School is busy, busy, busy. I don’t know how it happened: not even a full week in and there are books (plural) to be read. This shouldn’t be a surprise to me — I’ve done this grad school gig before, after all — but I never get used to just how quickly the semester robs me of my knitting time.



4 thoughts on “boring shawl progress

  1. boo. but i understand. i have been prioritizing shawl knitting over reading, but only because the wedding is saturday and the reading is mostly for after that.

  2. I graduated last May and had lots of reading to do that semester. If the knitting was simple, I could read and knit at the same time. That combo made the time pass a bit faster and it seemed like a remembered things a bit better the first time through.

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