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Freud, this is for you.  Bear with me while I channel Michael K. for a hot minute: I quit this.  Seriously.  How many pages on something you call die Traumarbeit?  216.  Really?  And you don’t even try to be comprehesible.  In German or translation.  Does your beard get in the way?
Look, I understand that you’re Mr. Serious fin-de-siècle Viennese Psychoanalysis Man.  But I am Ms. Serious twenty-first-century American Graduate Student Germanist Woman and I am ready to move on.  Did you see all that other reading I have to do?  That book review?  And the presentation?  Where was your abuelita?  I bet she could have knocked some intelligibility into you and your manuscript construction.
</rant>  Freud is a very important figure.  I will not abuse Freud.
It’s just that I have this lovely yarn.  If you’ve been reading here for a while, you might have picked up something of how I feel about Naturwolle by Ingeborg Michels.  Especially the Kunterbunt variation.
I love it with a passion worthy of a Freudian analysis.  I want to knit a house out of this yarn.  Which is why I finally decided to frog a garment — indeed, one of the very first I ever knit — to get at the wool.  I never wore this particular sweater.  And if you look closely, you may see a certain quirk of my early knitting.


Yep.  Twisted stitches every other row.  I wrapped the yarn the wrong way round when making the knit stitch.  Took me a while to figure this out.

Anyway, twisted stitches or no, I just don’t wear this sweater.  And considering that it’s made out of my 100% favorite yarn evah, that seemed a shame.  So yesterday, in between bouts of Freud, I frogged and reknit.

First, I thought I would make a giant cowl, as conceived by Teva Durham.  Good for knitting while reading, but it didn’t use nearly enough of my precious wool.  And I could tell that I was just headed down another block of Disappointment Street.  The giant cowl would be kind of practical — I work in a meat freezer, basically — but I didn’t think I’d get a lot of wear out of it, as the fit was a bit funky.

So I regrouped.  And went with an old favorite: the mini shawl.  Again, I worked my stretchy shawl cast-on magic, using a garter tab and picking up the initial stitches.  This time, though, I started with 13 stitches: turns out that’s the fewest number possible to set-up the yarn-over increases properly.  (I had to get out my last version and the pencil and paper.  I’m a visual learner.  The cat helped.)


Now, I’m on my way to creating what I think I may call the ugliest shawl in the world.  Kind of like the ugliest dog.  I am going to love it with all of my Kunterbunt heart.  Because I’m flashy, if only in secret.


8 thoughts on “Kunterbunt

  1. i love the idea of being flashy in secret. also, i heart that table. yay for bright (brite?) colors.

  2. Good luck getting through Freud. I’ve never had to read him and really hope I don’t have too.

    Yay for colorful yarn and a new mini shawl in place of a sweater.

  3. Me too with the twisted stitches! I just figured it out like 6 months ago, my knitting is going much better now. 🙂

    Good luck with all that reading …

  4. Good evening! I was gifted two skeins of Naturwolle’s Kunterbunt (who in their right mind only gifts two skeins instead of three or seven?!) and I am trying to figure out what to do with them. I have a feeling I will end up doubling up the amount but in the meantime I am trying to figure out what to do… I was thinking a shawl would be wonderful! Might I ask, how many skeins did you use for your shawl? Would you consider posting a finished product with the dimensions?
    I would greatly appreciate it! I think it would be a fun little burst of color on a chilly day… Kudos to you for knitting on the wild side!

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