what could it be?

curiosity killed the you-know.
Alice has been spending a lot of time monitoring the neighborhood.  Or, the bit of sidewalk and hedge that passes for the neighborhood around here.  (And totally blocks all of my after-early-morning daylight.)
What could it be?

new kitty friend

yep.  I’m a sucker.

If you guessed stray kitty friend, you’d be right.
He (she?) is small, grey, feral, and hungry.  I’d seen our new kitty friend out by the apartment dumpster and had put food out a couple of times.  In the last few days, he’d not been around and I was trying not to assume the worst.  To be honest, I was also a bit relieved.  Because though I will feed the kitty, do my best to catch him and get him to a no-kill shelter for socialization and care, it’s a responsibility and a worry.  But now at least he has access to food, water, and an old towel to sleep on.
My family has always taken in strays.  It’s just what you do.

suspicious alice

on duty.

In the mean time, Alice is on it.  And she is not amused.

What with kitty friend monitoring — he spent most of the evening outside the window — and, you know, actual work, the knitting has been limited.  Before starting any new (sweater!) ventures, I have clear out my WIPs: all shawls, all at the stage of long-rows-of-doommara, mini, girasole*: I’m looking at you.

Startitis always hits when I’m feeling stressed and anxious: this new project will solve all of my problems!  I’ll be efficient, dedicated, brilliantly insightful, all while needing less sleep, getting up early, and never ever feeling bored as soon as I cast on for x, y, or z.

It hasn’t worked yet.

moonpie swiffer

So obviously, instead of finishing any of these current wooly bugbears, I’m working on a small project for my sister.  She crochets lots of dishrags for me — very nubby, scrubby, and wonderful.  So I thought I’d reciprocate with a swiffer cosy.

moonpie swiffer

It’s just your basic cotton-ease leftovers, worked in the familiar ball-band dishcloth slipped-stitch pattern.

I’m still fiddling with the fold-over closure.  I didn’t like the idea of buttons, as the pattern suggests, but was at a loss for a better solution.  This version performs a kind of knitted origami that seemed promising.

But after folding and mattress stitching the sides, I wasn’t happy.  To put it bluntly, it looked messy.  Last night I improvised: picked up stitches, knit a row of garter stitch, and then used a kind of three-needle bind-off to attach the folded portion to the body.

We’ll see if I can duplicate the process on the other side.

moonpie swiffer

That might be a challenge.  It was late and I didn’t take any notes.

New project magic, where were you?

* Let’s be honest: I’m not expecting to get this one finished.  Geschweige denn lizard ridge.


5 thoughts on “what could it be?

  1. oh, alice. i love this shot of her at the window. i know exactly what you mean — new project magic SHOULD fix everything. it is probably good that i do not have a swiffer, as i would need to make a gazillion of these!

  2. I was going to suggest MOUSE. But feral kitty is pretty intriguing, too. Hey I know the finish WIP stress too. It’s looming in my near future.

  3. I love that Alice has a special observation platform! Does your local shelter do trap/neuter/release? That’s not the worst plan, although socializing is even better if the kitten’s young enough.

    Let us know how the Swiffer cover ends up… I’m curious but not motivated enough to knit one unless I know it’s useful.

    Startitis… I know that siren song. I just cast on a Francis Revisted using Eco Wool.

  4. One of the best cats I’ve ever had was a stray that we just kept feeding.

    This “pick up” instead of “sew up” idea intrigues me. I’ll have to try it out.

  5. Yes, I want to second what Jodi said. If the kitty is older, TNR is a good option. Either way, though, the local shelter or rescue group should be able to help out with a humane trap so you don’t have to physically nab the guy. I just spent several weeks taming a feral kitten for a rescue group. He got to the point where he was an adoptable housecat, but he’s never going to be a snuggly love bug or anything.

    I hear you on those endless rows. I have two more rows on a shawl with a ruffled border, and they are literally taking me half an hour each. Stupid pretty ruffles and their infinite rows…

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