colonnade: spinnery shawl

Ah, precious souvenir yarn from a happy summer in Vermont.  Will anything ever be good enough for you?
I didn’t get back into knitting until after I’d already spent part of a summer in the very same small Vermont town as the Green Mountain Spinnery.  On my first trip to the store, I didn’t know what I was doing … got embarrased because I didn’t know what kind of yarns would go together and was a little unsure about just how much of anything I would need.  So I left with an odd assortment of very pretty wool I’m still not sure what to do with.  This was the summer, though, that I found my true love: Naturwolle Kunterbunt in Northampton.  I probably wasn’t thinking straight.
The next years, though, I had a much better idea of what I might want to buy and, each of the next three summers, managed to built up quite a collection of wooly souvenirs.  It’s all been a while ago now, but I’m pretty sure that this lovely Mountain Mohair is from my last Spinnery visit in 2007.
I was going to make a pair of IBH’s toasty toes in three gorgeous shades of loveliness: sky, elderberry, and partridgeberry.  Somehow, I never got around to it.  So when I saw the Colonnade shawl in the new knitty, I got to thinking … perhaps this would be the time to finally use that yarn and revise its sacred cow status.  Because, after all, even if those Vermont summers are gone, I can order some more.
Well, I’m just not sure.

colonnade: spinnery shawl

Like I said, I’m just not sure.  Somehow the lace is, um, much lacier than I’d imagined.  And it’s so hard to part with souvenir yarn when it might not be just the right thing.
That said, I’m going to keep knitting.  It might be a wait-and-see kind of proposition.  Especially as I’ve already gone to the trouble to rip and reknit the lace once: I didn’t like the look of the k2tog, k2tog decreases (which form the columns in between the double yarn overs) and so I substituted a left-leaning decrease (ssk) for the second k2tog.  Much neater columns of knit stitches.  I felt quite smug.

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  1. i think wait and see is appropriate — so far it looks great, but you have to be happy with it. the colors are stunning, and they make me think of fall (these two, anyway).

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