Sozialismus socks

Or, rather, the street thereto.

I had to go to the archives for this photo as my apartment is seriously low on light these days — lots of rain, cloudcover, and humidity. It’s completely gross and grumpy-making.

Though I am going to put on my big girl pants and deal with it.

Just like the girasole is taking a break until I have the brainpower to figure out why, after ripping make many many rows, many many times, my marker placement is still not playing by the rules.

So. I’m making some socks: madder ribbed socks from that trusted tome, Knitting Vintage Socks. In perhaps the most obnoxious yarn on the planet. Which is kind of strange considering that the artist behind the colors (Hundertwasser) went from Friedrich to Friedensreich (= peace-full? land of peace?).

I’ve been missing Germany lately; I’m hoping these socks help just a bit. (German yarn, Austrian artist. It’s cose.)


5 thoughts on “Sozialismus socks

  1. So the Girasole is a brain twister? Because I was giving it some serious consideration as my alternative to that hateful Garter Ridge blanket I have in semi hibernation…

  2. Germany, Austria… close enough. Was Hundertwasser really first called Friedrich? That makes more sense, but I did win a Trivial Pursuit question by knowing his name.

    And good question on the meaning of his name. Probably both. It’s a pun!

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