thursday is for socks.

Or so I have decreed.
People, it has been a week.  In fact, that seems to be the main characteristic of all of my weeks lately.  Thursday limps to a close and all I can do is sit on the couch and watch A&E “real life” crime dramas.  Today we had the added tired-making bonus of a (very productive) writing workshop.  News flash: I cannot write a book review.  It was all done in the nicest possible manner and with the most uplifting, forward-looking, hey-you’ll-get-it enthusiasm, but, of course, it never feels that way when it’s happening.  Perhaps more so when one is in the paradoxical — and uncomfortable — position of being both an “advanced” student (in terms of years accumulated: this is the start of lucky number 7) and an absolute rank beginner (in terms of intellectual growth and development over said years).  I feel self-consciously experienced, completely overwhelmed, and utterly unprepared.
All I can do is quote Michael K. to myself: Homegirl is tired.
Especially after managing a spectacular trip and scraping my knee for the first time in forever on the way to school this morning.  The day began as it ended: public embarrassment that leaves a nasty sting.  Seriously, I haven’t had one of these since there was someone around to put Bactine on it for me.  I don’t even own any Bactine.  And Alice was not too interested in assisting the patient.
sozialismus socks
But at least there was sunshine in the apartment this morning!  I managed a few photos of some boring sock progress before heading off to meet my doom.  (Also, the humidity: not helping.)  The eagle-eyed among you might notice a modification to the ribbing.  I wasn’t happy with the density of the fabric I was getting on my usual US2/2.75mm needles; in going down a size I was afraid that the sock would be too small, as it’s only worked over 60 stitches.  A little quick math and hey presto!: 70 stitches on size US1/2.50mm needles.  With ribbing to match: k1 * p3, k2 * to last four stitches p3, k1.  So far, so good.
Now, if only reading Tom Paine — or writing a functional book review — were as easy breezy I would be a superstar.

5 thoughts on “thursday is for socks.

  1. Plus, book reviews (particularly of the 500 word variety) are sort of lame anyway, and are hard for everyone to write. (How on earth do you say anything of substance in 500 words?)

    Alice should really learn some basic first aid. And these socks are lovely!

  2. I think that Thursday is a very good day for socks. Definitely beats writing book reviews. 🙂

    I modify sock patterns all the time and just can’t help myself. When it comes to sock knitting, I’m just stubborn.

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