I finally faced facts and ripped.  It was painful: over 20 rounds at 320 (ahem.) stitches per round.  But like so many painful decisions, it was the right one.  My marker placement was just not behaving and though it didn’t seem a problem in this chart, I wasn’t sure what would happen when it was time to move on to the next one.  So here I am with my marker correctly placed and much (re)knitting ahead of me.
It’s been a busy weekend and there hasn’t been much time for other knitting.  The office sock is patiently awaiting Monday and its chance to shine as my “just-X-more-minutes-of-reading/indexing/thinking-and-then-you-can-knit” reward.


The German yarn helps.  Lately, as I’ve mentioned, I’ve really been missing Germany.  I don’t know why, but I always feel so at home there, even though so much is difficult, strange, and frustrating.  (As in: basic life skills are hard to acquire in a foreign language.)   A facebook friend from high school is visiting the area where I used to live … I wish I were there, in my favorite cafe (well, not on a Sunday) with a trip through some bookstores, a visit to the yarn store, and walk around the lake later in the day.  Or just watching my drunk neighbors throw things.


Of course, I’m romanticizing a bit … and life could be just as alternately stressful and boring as it is here.  But it always had that exciting zing of being stressful and boring in a foreign country.  And there was always something strange and new to see out of the bus window.


See, I’m an example every time I wait for the walk signal!  (And because I am afraid of old German women scolding me in a dialect I do not understand, I wait for the walk signal every time.)


8 thoughts on “320

  1. yay for the return to 320, however painful. even when i decide that an error is totally not noticeable, i find myself looking for it whenever i work on or wear the object. sounds like ripping back was the right idea. love these germany pictures — so bright and inviting, which is the opposite of the rainy grey-ness outside my window today.

  2. After I had to rip back lots of lace pieces I now try to put in lifelines. I’m much too afraid to rip back without them and to lose stitches.
    Where did you live in Germany? (I’m german, and I don’t recognize the pictures…)

  3. It’s always so painful to rip back like that. But, in the end it usually works out better. And just think, if it’s really delightful yarn you get to work with it that much longer. 🙂
    The photos from Germany are great! And the thought of drunk German neighbors throwing things made me laugh.

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