girasole in the morning; or, more boring shawl progress

How can I tell I’ve made progress?  It’s not really a trick question: the row counter keeps moving up and my skein keeps getting smaller.  Also, because Alice says so.

With the semester in full, overwhelming flower, there just isn’t much time for knitting of an evening.  I’m resigning myself to slow and steady progress on chart d (the neverending chart of much repetition).

Continuing my Konstanz nostaglia tour 2009, here’s another of my few photos (why didn’t I take more pictures?  I never learn.):

I know I took this in December before heading to the Northwest for Christmas, realizing I didn’t have any photos to show anyone back home.  It was dark and cold and the trees didn’t have any leaves.  This is some kind of bandstand down by the lake; I loved the inexplicable pods sprouting out of the pavement.

4 thoughts on “girasole in the morning; or, more boring shawl progress

  1. well, alice is never wrong, so progress must be occurring. i love this look back at Germany, and this is a particularly awesome photo.

  2. Pods! Yes, I was going to refer to them as fixtures! They are really interesting, I like them.

    Girasole is making good progress. It’s funny, when I saw the photo, I saw Alice but it didn’t register in my brain that it was Alice. I just thought ‘huh, that yarn looks weird’. I may need to grab some more sleep.

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