Counter set at one, new skein of yarn (in a different dye lot, but that’s a whole other kettle of potentially fishy problems): must mean I finished chart d!  There was a short moment of jubilation … followed by the big pile of FAIL that was to become chart e.
I’m four stitches short.  Somewhere, in among those 640 stitches, I made a mistake.  Now I have to find it and fix it.  Oh dear.  It was a Gob Bluth kind of moment.
Last night, I just went to bed.  Alice, of course, had other ideas and we were up again playing a bit before she would settle down.  It’s hard being a kitty on your own all day.
I just might have been a bit distracted by “Dog the Bounty Hunter.”  That lucious golden mane totally prevented me from keeping up with the chart.  The being tired from indexing and class and reading probably had nothing to do with it.  My weekend goal: less interference from the TV, more concentration on the knitting.  Or homework.
Edited to take out the whine.  Maybe I’ll just have to stick to straightforward projects until I’ve got a bit more time and engery …

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  1. i edit out my whining all the time. well, most of it. despite the error-in-hiding, this looks lovely! hope your weekend includes equal parts productivity and fun!

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