EcoWool is pleasing not only for its wonderfully wooly characteristics — sproingy, soft, lofty, sturdily natural — but also for the shear size of the yarn cake produced by winding upwards of 450 yards of bulky wool.  It’s approaching the size of my head.  And that can only be a good thing.
See, it’s huge:
Though I still have lots of projects on the go — girasole, I’m looking at you (action socks, not so much as they are an office/study-break/on-the-go kind of project); of lizard ridge we will not speak (how you doin’?) — I decided that my life could only be improved by starting an OWLS sweater immediately.
Of course, making the decision was the easy part.  I’ve since struggled with gauge (um, yeah, so I guess you don’t necessarily need to hold the yarn in a control-freak death grip … but it helps), fantasies of cardiganizing that pullover (too complicated for my very tired and overwhelmed brain), and, finally, with gauge.  Again.
I think things might be on the right track now.  We’ll see.  As today must be spent reading and not struggling with pullover maintenance.

4 thoughts on “eco.wool

  1. I spent yesterday reading (no knitting), so today I get to indulge!

    Love the Eco Wool. Cardiganizing OWLS sounds awesome, but I’d want someone else do all the work. Sometimes I’m up for a challenge and enjoy the math, but when I’m buried under too much work, it just isn’t going to happen.

    BTW, I was surprised to see that my Eco Wool Francis Revisited bled(?) a lot in the wash. It’s undyed, so I suppose it’s not really bleeding. Also, my gauge changed upon washing. The width (stitch gauge) grew larger; the length (row gauge) didn’t really change.

  2. I’m making a Hemlock Ring blanket out of Eco Wool and I’m really enjoying this wool. Granted, part of the fun is making a giant yarn ball but it’s more fun seeing it “disappear”.

    Good luck with the cardigan.

  3. The Eco-wool is beautiful – I’ve seen it in yarn stores, but never bought it – but I always want to! It is going to make a beautiful sweater..

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