welcome to my weekend

Little book, big ball of wool.  And I spent most of the weekend with both.  It wasn’t quite as idyllic as it sounds, though.  That book is * hard * to read (hello, my name is Katie M. and I read only 6.667 pages per hour) and I might still have some lingering gauge issues.  (As an official member of the supa tight (TM) knitters club.)
I did make some progress on both projects.  Luckily, the OWLS is a bit more flexible; Jünger, however, has be ready to present on Wednesday.
In the end, I didn’t cardiganize.  Though I think it would be awesome, I just didn’t have it in me to figure out the right numbers, place steeks or button bands, and keep the shaping at the back.  It’s probably not difficult at all — and Ravelry tells me that many have successfully navigated the cardigan waters — but I wanted to get on with the knitting.
So far, I’m done with the waist decreases and am hoping that my decision to go with shaping will not come back later to bite me in the you-know.  The sweater is looking a wee bit small.  I do not like small when it comes to clothing.  But the last time I said that, I ended up with a cardigan boasting a 52″ bust measurement.  That is not my size.
But I’m going to keep on with the body.  The ecowool is knitting up super fast (small wonder on size US13/9.00mm needles), so there’s really nothing to lose.
Though fall is definitely approaching around here — the weekend was lovely and cool — the weather does not seem reliablely autumnal enough to require such a hefty sweater quite yet.

5 thoughts on “welcome to my weekend

  1. this looks awesome, and owls is totally on my list. i used ecowool for my stripes! and while i’m thrilled with the sweater, i probably could have made it a tad smaller, so i’m sure the fit will be fine.

    hope all is well with junger…! and yay for fall in TN.

  2. I can’t wait to see how the sweater turns out since I’ve been considering the Owl/Eco Wool combination myself.

    Good luck with the reading. Hopefully it won’t suck up too much more of your life.

  3. Holy cow that’s knitting up quickly. I actually wore my Eco Wool Francis Revisited yesterday — it has been that chilly here in Chicago. My stashed aqua Eco+ is just begging to be knit up. The yarn’s earmarked for my mom’s holiday gift — either OWLS or another Francis Revisited. I’m a little nervous about all the waist shaping for Mom, though.

    Good luck with Junger and the presentation!

  4. I feel like *every* German book has the same cover. Must be from dtv (publisher). Good luck on your presentation! It’s normal to read more slowly in another language though.

    We skipped fall and headed straight to winter. It snowed all morning. I am really really really really really really really envious of your OWLS.

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