action wool!

Yeah, action wool! my sweet keister.  We all know things are pretty lame around here knitting-wise at the moment.  I won’t even try to convince you otherwise.  Though the pictures of sweet, sweet eco wool are meant to demonstrate some proof of progress and non-lame-itude.
action wool!
It’s disappearing, though fast is a bit optimistic.
In between bouts with the index and some Sunday morning Le Show therapy, I finished up the first office sock.  It’s kind of a big pile of FAIL.  Instead of immediately frogging — which I might conceivably regret later — I put it in the time-out corner.  (Or the scary still not unpacked closet of hobby doom.)  I just started another sock and tried to pretend that nothing had happened.
If the sun ever gets around to shining in my apartment, I’ll take a picture.  I just couldn’t deal this afternoon.
really exciting waist shaping
In the mean time, I leave you with the waist shaping.  See: progress!

5 thoughts on “action wool!

  1. Yay for progress and non-lame-itude!

    Just focus on awesome waist shaping and ignore the office sock. Awesome sweater will show up faster that way.

  2. the closet of doom is an important stop on the road to FO-land. (or the frog pond.) you are making serious progress on that sweater. how are you liking the ecowool? (sorry if i asked you that already — i’m waiting for my coffee to be ready…)

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