that’s Frau Magister to all y’all

I don’t want to brag … but I kinda do.
A piece of paper might seem like a meager reward for six of the hardest years of my life.  Perhaps some would say it was not worth it at all.  Or that I should not too readily admit to just how long it took me to get this particular arrangement of letters attached to my name.
But I don’t care about that right now.  Because more than anything, this is the tangible proof that I made it through.  And I didn’t always think I would.
So thanks for sticking through with me … the blog has been an important, if at times neglected, source of support, community, and relaxation.
ETA: I know it makes me sound like a supreme cheese master, but really: I don’t know if I could have done it without this very non-academic outlet.  Knitting — and a forum in which to share the fruits of my wooly labor with other like-minded individuals — really made the difference in an otherwise isolated and isolating couple of years.  Yay for (internet) fiber friends!
Frau Magister is where it’s at for this evening.

9 thoughts on “that’s Frau Magister to all y’all

  1. sweet that it’s in german. hooray!!!

    (also, i must confess that when i first looked at the picture, i thought, “what’s an art bus?” silly, silly little americanist.)

  2. Congrats! Sometimes I wish I lived in Austria – then the Magistra would be an actual title… Now I have to wait for the Dr.phil (which can be added onto the ID 😉 ) Congrats again and treat yourself to something nice!

  3. Congratulations! And reading your blog has helped my sense of isolation in grad school, so the thank you is reciprocal.

  4. Frau Magister Katie, congratulations! This is definitely a bragging matter. Please brag as much as you want about it. You should definitely be rewarded for your hard work, and the piece of paper is one part of the reward. I’m sure there will be others in the future.

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