rayon vert

Because souvenir yarn is the best yarn.  I had trouble finding Indiana-based wool (I’m sure it’s out there, but we only went to one yarn store: the very nice and well stocked Yarns Unlimited), so I went with something pretty: malabrigo sock in rayon vert (854).  It’s making me think shawl thoughts.
office socks the second
Also: huge brunch with friends and adorable new baby + 5-hour drive home + laundry + cat maintenance + extreme tiredness = don’t attempt to finish turning the heel, fool.
(gentleman’s plain winter socks from the toe-up in Crown Mountain Farms sock hop, color: I’m Free.  Now on hold, awaiting a new heel.)
A weekend with friends, though = best way to celebrate ever.  (There was bubbly.  And so. much. food.  Can I just say: who knew Bloomington would have some of the tastiest Pad Thai around?)

7 thoughts on “rayon vert

  1. i love pad thai. The sock yarn is really pretty. You changed direction on the knitting? So brave. Are you sticking with the dutch heel? I read some comments about it….

  2. Indiana-based wools can be found at Sheep Street Fibers in Morgantown (about half-way between Indianapolis and Bloomington). It is in the country on an actual working sheep farm. They send their own farm’s wool away to get processed and sell the resulting yarn in their store. The nicest people work there too!

  3. Were you at Siam House? So good! I went to school in Bloomington and sometimes pineapple shrimp curry was the only thing that kept me going! … ps- Yes, I lurk. Sorry. Hi =)

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